To be honest, I’ve never loved my birthday. In fact, it has often been one of my least favourite days of the year. September 3, 1996. The day I was born and also the day I started dying. Pretty morbid, I know but so often I wish I was never born.

When I was in high school, people would ask me what I was going to do in my future; once I turn 18. At the time, I didn’t have an answer because I was fully expecting/wishing to not live that long. I had plans to commit suicide on my 18th birthday.

But then life happened. And things got better. I got better. On my 18th birthday, instead of dying, I started living. Really living.

My birthday is an accomplishment of living. Not just a day I was born and now celebrate for some reason. It’s a symbol of my choice to live.

Here are 21 reasons why I chose to live and continue to choose life.

  1. The chance to make new memories
  2. Remembering old happy memories
  3. Being with friends and family
  4. Drawing and painting
  5. Giving people gifts
  6. Petting kitties and doggies
  7. Comfy beds
  8. Dancing with friends and forgetting to be embarrassed
  9. Making a fool of myself and learning to laugh about it
  10. Twirling around in a flowy dress
  11. The feeling of accomplishment when finishing a piece of art
  12. Drinking a perfect cup of tea
  13. Reuniting with friends after a long time apart
  14. Reading/writing letters
  15. Learning to accept compliments
  16. Watching netflix in pajamas while eating ice-cream
  17. Making people smile
  18. Warm cookies right out of the oven
  19. Sunsets that have ALL of the most beautiful colours
  20. Singing as loud as possible while on a road trip
  21. The chance to become who I want to be

This list is not complete. There are so so so many things that make life worth living. But most of all, the fact that you are alive is what makes life worth living.

I didn’t give up when I so desperately wanted to. So today I celebrate not only because I was born on this day 21 years ago, but because I have continued to pursue life ever since.



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