Over What Weight?

I don’t accept my body. I don’t love my body. I don’t even like my body. In fact, I’m embarrassed of how I look.

I’ve convinced myself that I will never be considered for the job I want because of my weight.

I fully believe that I will never find a man who loves me because of my size.

I’m positive my friends are ashamed to be seen with me because of how I look.

These are the things I believe. Are these feelings valid? Yes. Are they true, no.

Take a moment to think about how you view your body. Do the words “imperfect, too fat, too skinny, ugly, etc” come to mind? Or do the words “strong, resilient, home, beautiful, etc” come to mind?

Would the world fall apart if we started to view our bodies differently? Would the earth literally crack down to its core in fear of this newfound love?


In fact, would not the flowers gain some colour?

Would not the trees stand a little taller?

Would not the ocean be filled with more grace as it kisses the shore?

When we celebrate our bodies, Mother Nature celebrates Mother Nature.

The earth cheers at the sight of creation admiring its own beauty.

I am guilty of tearing down myself because of my weight and size. I am overweight.

But damnit, over what weight??

Over the weight of society telling us not to celebrate ourselves? Over the weight of the injustice in the world? Fuck the so called ‘weight’ we are over or under.

So as I remind myself that my body is worthy of love and care.

That my body is not shameful.

That my body is home.




Let my words also remind you that the world is hard but our bodies are soft. Treat them that way. You are strong. You are resilient. You are brave. You are beautiful.

Don’t just accept your body. There is nothing wrong with it that needs acceptance. Take care of it with gentle hands and an open heart. Love it the best you can.

Scars, wounds, rolls, cellulite, deformities, and everything in between. Take care of it all. I promise, we will celebrate with you.



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