I am the Moon

I am the moon

There is a part of me you will never see. A part so dark that even the faintest light will never reach. Claimed but never owned. A space occupied by incredible darkness.


I am the stars.

A billion thoughts all at once. Each one both alive and dead at the same time. A mystery. Falling from the sky as though individually plucked like wildflowers in a field. Destroyed for the sake of beauty.


I am the ocean.

A vast unknown. The deepest caverns far deeper than could be imagined. No one understands yet no one is willing to explore far enough to understand.


I am the river.

The current flows in a powerful way that drags you into its grasp. It’s claws wrap around your wrist pleading with you to collapse into dust and settle on the bed of sand. Nothing.


I am the trees.

Dancing in the wind. Almost joyful but also eerie. It looks pleasant. Romantic. But getting lost in the forest is a new sort of hell.


I am the mountains.

Built up by stress. No one reaches the top alive. It’s an unattainable dream. The cold crashes down the side destroying anything in its path. Rocks bounce downward like a slinky going downstairs. The seem so light but the weight will crush you.


I am the air

It’s all you know to breathe. In and out, day after day. Repetition takes its toll. Wearing down your lungs until they are filled with dirt underground.


I am the moon.

Both hidden and seen. Dark and light. Unknown and known. Destruction




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