Sunset Eyes

There is a fire in your eyes.

The veins of light that glow in bright orange mixed up with a vibrant red as you face the sun with heavy eyelids. The shadows flash by with a stark contrast. Almost like tv static flashing in and out of dark and light. The heat from the sun penetrates into your pupils. Not a burning sensation but a general whisper of warmth. The fire screams inside of you.

You are alive.

You are alive.

You are alive.

The fire means you are breathing.

You are dreaming.

You are alive.

The glowing veins mean you are bleeding. Your heart is moving oxygen throughout your body. Your body naturally filters the good from the bad. It all works together like a machine fighting to keep the fire alive.

The passing shadows take you from one place to another. Movement. A journey to who you are meant to be and where you are meant to go. The darkness is a passing reminder of the light which takes over any and all space.

The light will win.

The heat of the sun brings you back to years past. A warm memory of childhood days spent sitting on the dock curled up in a colourful towel until your toes break through the water as you fall into a cool bliss. Days spent napping on the grass as your body turned an odd shade of red. A hat covered your eyes in attempts to hide the fire but to no avail.

The fire remained.

The veins continued to glow. The shadows continued to pass. The warmth continued to remind. Reminding you of the fight you are forced to participate in every morning and night.

A fight to keep going.

To keep breathing.

To keep living.

And to keep being.

The fire in your eyes won’t leave. May you not be forsaken by your own flesh when it comes to the fight for life. May you not give up. Fuel the fire with your passions and your dreams and your hopes.

There is a fight in your eyes.

There is a sunrise in your eyes.

There is a sunset in your eyes.

There is a fire in your eyes.

There is a fire in our eyes.

Xo, b

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