Winter is Here

Winter is here.

My breath is heavy. Every exhale leaves a ghost of words unsaid. A mere vapour in the sky. A warm cloud instantly freezing in the frigid air. I breathe in and out feeling the sharp oxygen tingle within my lungs. I am alive.

Winter is here.

The trees have been stripped of their vibrant colours. Their white sleeves sparkle in the sunlight. A perfectly knit sweater uniquely made for each branch and limb. They dance in anticipation of warmer days.

Winter is here.

The sky drips with beauty as the snow floats to the ground. Each snowflake an intricate pattern different from the one before. Magic. Absolute magic falling from the heavens.

Winter is here.

The children laugh while running through mazes of piled snow. Snowmen form with acorns for buttons, a carrot nose, and a hat with loose threads settled on the top. Snowball fights and snow angels. Skating and sledding. Oh the joy on their faces while they sip hot cocoa by the fire keeping their toes warm under a handmade quilt.

Winter is here.

The world takes a step back to admire its beauty. The nostalgia and memories of past cold nights.

But for me, winter brings sadness. Depression hits harder while the sun goes to sleep earlier. The lights fade in the distance leaving me alone in the dark and cold. Nights are longer and harder. Alone.

Everything slows down.

Time follows in the footsteps of the weather. Frozen.

Minutes feel like hours. Hours feel like days.

The darkness is overwhelming in this season. Not even a strand of Christmas lights can make this darkness go away. Black.

I can’t make the sun rise any sooner. I can’t make the depression shake in fear of what’s to come. I just curl under my safety blanket and wait for spring.

Depression makes itself known.






Winter is here but will it ever leave?

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